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Dec 21, Is Scotty Sire Gay, Know his personal life Scotty Sire is a comedic video content uploader and creator who have been famous in the six second video making application named as Vine. This guy has collaborated with other viners and this application has provided a platform to him to rise up in fame and earn a name in the entertainment business. Through his wiki and bio pages are absent, people tend to search about him and find information and photos related to him on the internet.

Scotty Sire has been said to have started his career in the construction business with his father. Though his childhood is unknown, he is said to have had worked as a bartender next. Bartending is still is part time job after making videos in Vine.

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In order to make funny videos, he collaborates with numerous other popular Viners who are currently residing in California. Till he has already crossed 2 million follower mark on Vine. He is of Lebanese descent. His mother is Lebanese whom we can see in plenty of his vine videos. He has one small brother whose name is Davey. He started his career in construction with his father. Later he worked as a bartender which is still his part time job.

Talking about his personal life he has not married yet but we still don’t know if he is in a relationship or not. Though he has made a lot of funny vine videos about having a girlfriend he has not disclosed yet who is his girlfriend. It seems like he is really busy in creating funny vine videos and gaining popularity. He is a frequent user of Twitter, his fan can follow in his twitter account ImNotScottySire to be more updated about him.

He belongs to the Lebanese descent as his mother Crossen is Lebanese. He was born and raised in California along with his brother Davey and Kevin. He holds American nationality.

Allicattt and scottysire dating

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Scotty and you have been dating for quite some time now and you just feel like your relationship is not the same anymore. # first # new # scotty # scottysire # vine The Start.

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